Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Playing catch up again...

Trying to play a little catch up here with some photos of a few of my newest pieces.

Photo #1 is a porcelain cameo wrapped in antiqued bronze wire.

#2 is a beautiful art glass pendant with a copper wire woven bail and hung on a turquoise and copper necklace.

#3 was done for a Winter Wonderland Challange. It's white quartz in Sterling with Swarovski Crystal accents.

#4 features rectangular Turquoise beads, silver spacer beads and a silver fancy clasp.

#5 is a set consisting of Leopardskin Jasper and Perido Agate beads in two sizes.

#6 is a spectacular Horse and Mountain Porcelain cameo in Sterling Silver.

1 comment:

DalaHorse said...

Carol....the winter wonderland challenge piece is so beautiful....guess i like the white quartz with the crystals. Also that's a unique cameo you used in the first piece...and the bale on the art glass piece is beautiful! Back to troubleshootoing my new batch of pieces! :(