Friday, March 25, 2011

Newest Curvy Feminine Necklace

This one I made just for the Art Gallery in Paola. D'Marie Fine Art Gallery is going to have a first ever showing at the Crossroads Center in Kansas City on April the 1st. Doris is going to take a few art pieces from her gallery done by local artists. This piece is just one of mine that will have the honor of being showcased.

The metal is oxidized Sterling Silver. The little round beads are Coral Jade and the focal briolette is Cherry Quartz.

Monday, March 14, 2011

This piece is going to serve several venues this month. I had taken my Week 1 YOJ 2011 to the Art Gallery in town and the owner loved it. She wanted me to make more necklaces like and similar to it so here's another one along those lines and of course it will go to the gallery. Now this is also my March Piece of the Month here, will be in the YOJ 2011 Week 11 gallery and of course will be posted on my blog. Now that's getting mileage out of a piece LOL! Anyway, the curvy wire parts are sterling that was hammered flat after shaping. The beads are a lovely shade of aqua Cats Eye chips and the little brioletts are aquamarine. The chain is Sterling plated and has a 3" extender.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

YOJ - Week 10 - Irish Eyes Are Smiling

This weeks YOJ theme was Irish Eyes are Smiling. For this theme I featured a pair of earrings I had made for my article/lesson for Beadingtimes Ezine since it was also an Irish theme. I had some beads that were 10mm dark green round and a lighter green in a different shape. I used green craft wire and silver bell caps and Sterling earwires to pull it all together for this pair of cool spring like earrings.

YOJ 2011 - Week 9 - Windswept

Windswept was the theme for week 9 Year of Jewelry 2011. I did get it done on time, Feb 28th. I'm just kind of behind on things. I made a simple necklace of silver buy taking four wires of slightly different lengths, curving them, made a loop on each end and hammered the wire flat then textured them with a ball peen hammer. I then wired them together in a free form shape and stitched little Fresh Water purple pearls into the loops. A silver chain was added to complete the piece.