Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Office/workroom saga continued.....

All the paintable wallpaper has been hung and I'm now starting to paint it. The first and second photos show where I've cut in the paint into the corners. I can get close enough to the ceiling and floor with the roller so don't have to cut the paint in there. This last photo shows the cramped quarters where I'm trying to do my PC work. Making jewelry right now is out of the question as that work table has stuff all over it for the moment.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Office/workroom progress.....

I am slowly making progress. The first photo kind of shows the painable wall covering I chose to put up on the other three walls. Believe me, these walls needed something textured. I know it's not real clear but I think you can get the idea.

The second photo shows the starting of the painting. The color is kind of a seafoam green or aquamarine. It's real pretty. The last photo shows where I am at this point, one wall done.

I know this is going to all be worth it when done. At least that's what I keep telling myself when I can't find something because the room's in a real mess. My PC desk is setting right in the middle of the room and I'm constantly stepping over the wires and cords. Now you all know why I'm not making much jewelry at the moment.

Monday, September 1, 2008

As if I don't......

...have enough to do I've started redecorating my office/workspace. The first photo shows the tallest wall in the room (nearly 9 feet) which has been a pretty periwinkle or lavender blue color. You can see some of the other color I had used which is kind of a salmon or light coral. These are pretty colors but I needed something a bit more soothing.

This tall wall is going to be done in a gorgeous icey blue victorian tone on tone wallpaper. This paper almost looks like it has a silk finish so will offer a little light reflection.

The next two photos just show the other end and side of the room. These walls are going to be done in a textured paintable wallpaper. The walls in this home are not the best and the wallpaper hides the imperfections great. they will then be painted a lovely seafoam green that matches the colors in the paper beautifully. You can kind of see that right at the top of the photos where you see that solid color.

I will be posting the progression of this project in the days/weeks that follow, as time allows that is.

My latest custom pieces

With all the problems I've had with my computer over the last few weeks I completely forgot to post my latest two custom pieces. This order came from a lady who was one of my first customers when I started selling on Ebay in 2003. She had a lovely pink cats eye cameo of a Mother and Child and a large Nautilus shell she wanted made into pendants. After I received the cameo and shell I was wondering how I managed to get myself into this. Oh, the cameo was fine but that shell looked so delicate I was kind of scared to work with it. I did get it done and my lady was very happy with the results which are pictured here along with the cameo, of course.