Sunday, February 24, 2008

YOJ 2008 Week 8

Wasn't able to go with the theme of Argentina Culture this week even though I did have good intentions. Have started to do some more remodeling on the house plus kind of got on a beaded bangle kick this week. Sooooo, my offering is this Sterling Silver and Sodalite bracelet along with a composite photo of the others. Actually I made six bracelets. The original Rose Quartz, the one in the photo, sold the day after I listed it in my ebay store so I've made another to replace it. The other bracelets are a clear turquoise and silver, a China Jade and silver and a Red Zebra Jasper and Gold Fill

This sodalite bracelet is kind of an experiment for me. I had these little 4mm beads on hand and wanted to see if I could make a wearable bracelet using the usual beaded bangle pattern and these beads rather than the usual rectangular ones.

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Sunshine said...

Hi, Carol!

Been checking out your blog (as you can see) and I loved these bracelets! Are they difficult to make? Do you have a tutorial for these?

I'm in awe of your work! You're just soOOOooo talented!