Sunday, March 22, 2009

I had not been doing so good for a while so took my self to the Doctor on Monday March 16. I knew I had COPD and should stop smoking and had tried about a year ago. Lasted for one whole month. Started again but never smoked more than two a day since that time (I'd been a two pack a day gal). Anyway, I was having breathing problems and the problem was my albutoreal wasn't working as well as it should be. My capacity was down to about half of normal and my blood oxygen was down to 91. Normal is around 98. Doctor put me on a low dose of Prednazone, a corticosteroid, one tablet once a day. Within 24 hours the difference in how I felt was amazing. Sooo, hopefully I've gotten it through my thick skull, I can't smoke, period. Anyone who reads this please send positive thoughts my way to keep me on the straight and narrow. What you see below is my quit meter that monitors how many days I've not smoked and what I have saved. I don't think it will auto update so I'll check frequently and update the counter as necessary.

Five days, 12 hours, 52 minutes and 10 seconds. 11 cigarettes not smoked, saving $1.80. Life saved: 55 minutes.


Caly's Jewelry Creations said...

I am sending you lots of positive energy Carol...!! You can do it..! My mother quit after 40 odd years of smoking. Believe me...if she can do it, you can too...!! She used Chantix (?) for about 6 weeks and has been smoke free for almost 3 years now. Her husband still it's a real accomplishment. It is possible...keep fighting the good fight..! Hugs..!

Carol Ladine said...

Thank you sweetie! I tried the Chantix in 2007-2008 and lasted about a month with no ciggs. Started smoking again but only 1-2 per day. So far I'm hanging in there with no other help besides the fact that I have a choice. Smoke or breathe. Now there's a no brainer LOL!

One week, one day, 14 hours, 35 minutes and 29 seconds. 17 cigarettes not smoked, saving $2.80. Life saved: 1 hour, 25 minutes.