Monday, September 1, 2008

As if I don't......

...have enough to do I've started redecorating my office/workspace. The first photo shows the tallest wall in the room (nearly 9 feet) which has been a pretty periwinkle or lavender blue color. You can see some of the other color I had used which is kind of a salmon or light coral. These are pretty colors but I needed something a bit more soothing.

This tall wall is going to be done in a gorgeous icey blue victorian tone on tone wallpaper. This paper almost looks like it has a silk finish so will offer a little light reflection.

The next two photos just show the other end and side of the room. These walls are going to be done in a textured paintable wallpaper. The walls in this home are not the best and the wallpaper hides the imperfections great. they will then be painted a lovely seafoam green that matches the colors in the paper beautifully. You can kind of see that right at the top of the photos where you see that solid color.

I will be posting the progression of this project in the days/weeks that follow, as time allows that is.

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