Saturday, December 26, 2009

Custom Order.....

Early in December I was contacted by a someone wanting me to create settings for four lovely gemstones they had. These were all to be in 14k Gold Fill.

First we have a beautiful Yellow Kunzite cut in a pear shape. They wanted the setting to be similar to one on my website

This next one is an Emerald Cut Amethyst. The setting was requested to be similar to another one from my site.

This next one is a gorgeous Emerald Cut Aquamarine. I had carte blanche with this one. All the corners feature open work with the prongs also being wider at the base than the tips.

Last but certainly not least is the lovely square Cushion Cut Amethyst that was originally intended for a ring. Since it was too large, 19mm x 19mm x 12mm, it was decided to make it into a pendant. Again I had full reign on the design.

I had of course sent photos all along the process to get approval. They received the package on Monday Dec. 21st. and I received a message on the 22nd. The first sentence read....

"You would not believe the ear to ear smile on someones face yesterday when she opened the boxes"

I knew instantly the pieces were totally approved! These folks were a total joy to work with and looks like I'll be doing more for them after Jan 1st.

In closing I wish everyone everywhere a Safe and Wonderful New Year!

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