Thursday, January 7, 2010

I just completed my newest tutorial. It's a prong style setting for a large faceted gemstone. The stone used in the tut is an Emerald Cut, and I show you how to create the setting with the prongs on the diagonal.

• 57” (4 3/4 feet) 21ga square 14k GF or
Sterling Silver wire cut as follows
• 7 pieces at 7”
• 1 pieces at 8”
• One large emerald cut faceted gemstone
• 2 to three feet 20ga Half Round Half Hard
wire. If totally wrapping the sides you’ll
need 3 feet
The one I used here is approximately 21mm
by 12mm by 7mm deep

• Flat Nose Pliers
• Chain Nose Pliers
• Flush cutters
• Round Nose Pliers
• Some type of low tack tape
• Fine tip Sharpie
• Hard plastic or rawhide hammer
• #9 knitting needle or ¼” dowel
• OPTIONAL: Tumbler & Stainless Steel Shot,
calipers, prong pusher

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