Monday, February 8, 2010

A Tale of Two Bracelets

Back in 2003 I made this cuff style bracelet and sold it on ebay. After a few years and a computer breakdown I only had a couple of small photos of it and wanted to make another one. The buyer and I had remained in contact over the years. Last spring I contacted her, told her what I had in mind and asked if she could possibly send some good size photos so I could see the details. She said she would see what she could do. A while later she wrote me back and asked what I would charge to put a nice clasp closure on the bracelet. She had put one on herself but didn't really care for it. Anyway, seeing a great opportunity I told her I would love to do it and would only charge for the return shipping .

To make a long story short, she sent the bracelet, I made the clasp AND got my photos. Below is the bracelet I just completed thanks to my good friend Ms. P!


sandy petals said...

I love the style of this bracelet, it is so airy.

Charters said...

Beautiful wirework

Carol Ladine said...

Thank you kindly ladies!